Shatin To Central Link (SCL)
Design, Construction, Testing and Commissioning

Monitoring and Verification services to HyD for a major railway project

Project Summary

  • Monitor and verify MTRCL's performance in meeting their obligations as stated in the Entrusted Agreement
  • Focus on the aspects of cost, programme and public safety
  • Adopt risk-based approach when carrying out monitoring and verification works
  • Civil and structural engineering aspects

Project Details

Project Owner:
PYPUN-KD & Associates Ltd.
Commencement: 2012 / Completion: TBA

Works Contracts covered an 11km extension of Ma On Shan Line with new stations at Hin Keng, Diamond Hill, Sung Wong Toi, To Kwa Wan, Ho Man Tin and Hung Hom; and an 6km extension of East Rail Line with new stations at Exhibition Centre and Admiralty.

Construction Cost: