Shatin To Central Link (SCL)
Professional Services in Connection with the Service Concession for the Operation of the SCL - Investigation

Provision of technical support on matters pertinent to the vesting or leasing of the SCL from the Government to a nominee of the Government and the grant of a service concession from the nominee of the Government to MTRCL

Project Summary

  • Checking of: the patronage forecast / revenue apportionment between the MTRCL and KCRC systems / non-fare revenue forecast / operating and maintenance cost / ongoing capital expenditure forecast / the financial assessment and any other materials submitted by MTRCL pertinent to the concession payment for the SCL
  • Liaise, assist and coordinate with Lands Department. Provide technical support and input to facilitate the preparation of documents by Lands Department for the vesting or leasing of the operational land and assets of the SCL
  • Provide technical support to assist the Government in the discussions and agreements with the MTRCL (and / or a nominee of the Government) for the vesting / leasing of the SCL and the grant of service concession of the SCL
  • Liaise, assist and coordinate with the financial consultants of the Government to examine the financial assessment provided by the MTRCL, and its estimates of the concession payments, CAPEX Threshold and other financial parameters used in the preparation of the Supplemental Service Concession Agreement of the SCL

Project Details

Project Owner:
Railway Development Office of Highways Department
Commencement: 2017 / Completion: TBA

Works contracts covered is an 11km extension of the Ma On Shan Line with stations at Hin Keng, Diamond Hill, Sung Wong Toi, To Kwa Wan, Ho Man Tin and Hung Hom; and a 6km extension of East Rail Line with new stations at Exhibition Centre and Admiralty

Construction Cost: