First Round and Recurrent Engineer Inspections for Maintenance of Slopes in the New Territories, Hong Kong Island and Outlying Islands Maintained by Architectural Services Department (Package 26C)

Undertaking of first round and recurrent Engineer Inspections for Maintenance of the slopes maintained by ArchSD in the HKSAR

Project Summary

  • Collect the background information from ArchSD, GEO and other Government departments
  • Undertake EI including preparation/updating of MM for slopes in accordance with Geoguide 5
  • Undertake data collection and computation of the Ranking Score in accordance with the New Priority Ranking Systems (NPRS) for the slopes

Project Details

Project Owner:
The Government of the HKSAR
Property Services Branch of Architectural Services Department
Commencement: 2021 Planned Completion: 2023


Construction Cost: