Consultancy Agreement No. BA/P10/2011 Term Consultancy for the Patrolling, Investigation, Inspection for Unauthorized Building Works under Construction, Building Defects, BO Contraventions & Other Associated Services (WIP 2011) consultancy in respect of Yau Tsim District

Carry out survey, order serving and compliance inspections to Unauthorized Building Works under Construction.

Project Summary

  • Carrying out walking patrols in pedestrian streets and "primary risk areas" for suspected UBW under construction, BO contraventions and building dilapidation
  • Carrying out patrols in traffic sensitive routes to identify and report dangerous bamboo scaffoldings
  • Carrying out patrols for any abused hotel concessions in all new hotel buildings or existing buildings newly converted into hotels or existing hotels with expired hotel licenses without renewal
  • Efficiently and effectively overcoming the difficulties encountered during investigation with a view to swiftly stopping the erection of and removing the discovered WIP-UBW
  • Dealing with difficulties encountered in enforcing statutory orders and the approach to boost for a higher compliance rate

Project Details

Project Owner:
Buildings Department
Completion: 2012


Construction Cost: